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Children's electric scooter Beaster Kids BS02KSP, pink, for children from 6 years

New 2-3 Days Children's electric scooter Beaster Kids BS02KSP, pink, for children from 6 years

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Children's electric scooter Beaster Kids "BS02KSP", pink, for children from 6 years

Beaster Kids BS02KSP is a practical and safe scooter for your children. It is suitable for children from 6 years. age, is extremely light, but can be folded easily and quickly at any time. The electric scooter is specially adapted for every child who wants to travel and have fun in the city together with their parents in a smart and modern way. The scooter weighs only 4.3 kg. The folded scooter is easy to carry and transport in the car. With the Beaster Kids electric scooter, your child will be able to enjoy an exceptional time and experience many happy and unforgettable moments while traveling.

Easy operation

Beaster Kids Kids Email the scooter will be easily operated by any child of the right age. The scooter motor is activated with the button and the ride starts with the foot pressed. It is extremely simple to operate.

For children from 6 years

This email scooter is intended for use by children from 6 years. age. The child's height must also be taken into account so that riding a scooter is always comfortable for him. The maximum load of the device is 55 kg.

Drive 4-5 km

The child will be able to drive up to 4-5 km with a scooter. Choose smooth, clean and dry outdoor surfaces for maximum distance.

Up to 7 km / h. speed

Beaster Kids Kids Email the scooter can develop up to 7 km / h. maximum speed. When using the scooter, the child must wear a helmet, elbow and knee pads.

Rear brakes

The brakes of the device are at the back of the scooter and are pressed comfortably with your foot when standing.

Adjustable steering wheel height

Easily adjust email the height of the handlebars and adjust it to the height of your child. You will also always be able to easily change it for another child.

High quality lithium ion battery

This electric scooter has an integrated high-quality 2 Ah, 22 V lithium-ion battery that ensures long-lasting performance. It also features a protection system that will automatically shut down the device in the event of an overload.


You can fold the device extremely quickly and easily. When folded, the handlebars of the device will lean against the platform and the height of the scooter will be reduced by more than 50 cm, so you can easily carry or transport it by car.

Fast charging

El. the scooter will take 2 hours to charge. Charge the battery before and after each use.

Rubber tires

The tires of the electric scooter are rubber. This guarantees a comfortable ride and less vibration.

Technical data of Beaster Kids "BS02KSP":

• Maximum speed: up to 7 km / h.

• Distance traveled: up to 4-5 km.

• For children: from 6 years of age.

• Voltage: 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz.

• Battery: lithium ion, 22 V, 2 Ah.

• Charging time: 2 hours.

• Rear foot brakes

• Maximum load: 55 kg;

• Dimensions: 63 (I) x 31.5 (W) x 82.5 (A) cm.

• Folded dimensions: 64.5 (I) x 31.5 (W) x 14.5 (A) cm.

• Tires: rubber, front 12 cm, rear 8.9 cm.

• Weight: 4.3 kg.

• Color: pink.

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